Girls’ Room Pictures

There are a few reasons why I want to post all these pictures of the mostly completed girls room:

  • You’ll see I’ve been busy and not just a slacking blogger! :)
  • We have a three bedroom house and almost five children. One of the things I hear sooo often with people saying why they can’t adopt is that they don’t have room, have to wait until they get into a bigger house, whatever. That isn’t true! We don’t have huge bedrooms either! Our philosophy is that bedroom space is overrated. We don’t want our kids in their bedrooms – we want them in the family living areas! There are times when privacy is needed, but for the most part, they only need bedrooms to sleep, so they don’t have to be huge or have tons of room. So, that can’t be an excuse!
  • You do NOT have to spend a lot of money to do kids’ rooms!! There are lots of ways to save money!
  • AND I figured I’d document it while it’s still neat and all put together. Then in six months when I have two babies plus three more running around, I’ll look back on these pictures and say, oh yeah, that’s how this room is supposed to look! Aw, it WAS cute once!
  • In planning our kids’ bedrooms, I SCOURED the internet for blogs, etc. on room organization. I got sooo many great ideas, and so hopefully somebody else can get a few ideas too! Let me know if you implement anything!

Besides just having the goal of fitting all the “stuff” in the room, my main goal was to create a room that’s a special place for Katie Beth. She is soooo excited about sharing a room with her sisters. She’s been WAITING since baby boy #1 for a SISTER. When we first talked about room arrangements, I told her she’d be sharing a room with the babies and was thinking she might be a little upset. I told her that in a few years we might have a house with another bedroom and that she would maybe have her own room. She started crying and said she didn’t want to sleep by herself. I realized then just how badly she’s been wanting a sister. The boys share and play together even more now that Nolan is older, and she wants the same. But I refused to make it a BABY room. Babies don’t care about paint so I wanted to focus on a design Katie Beth would love and then fit the girls in around that creating special places for them too.

Furniture wise, we considered everything from sticking two nine month olds in a full size bed with the detachable side rails TO getting two little mini portable cribs. Yeah, neither of those were good ideas. We spent hours just sitting in the girls’ room trying to figure out the best configuration, and I think we got it!

So pictures – the room isn’t huge, and I didn’t feel like messing with the panoramic view on my camera, so it’s chopped up into a lot of pictures:

First up closet. Katie Beth is NOT an organized child. She is NOT an organized child. We’ve tried 563 various arrangements of how to help her stay organized with her old room setup, and it didn’t work. So one of the main things in creating a space for her AND adding two babies was adding a LOT of storage! One thing that we’ve decided hasn’t been working is a dresser for Katie Beth. She just can’t keep everything folded and together. So her underwear/socks, t-shirts, shorts, etc are in these canvas tubs, and so far, it’s working GREAT!! It’s really helped her to keep organized. Left hand side will be for girls’ hanging items, right side for Katie Beth. (The twins have other storage).

Katie Beth’s old dresser is now the twins’ diaper changing station with the first drawer for diaper and wipes storage and the second and third drawers for onesies/basic clothing stuff. (It’s the little white one in the corner.)

The princess chest has dress-up clothes on one side and Barbies/small doll items in another canvas tub on the right hand side. The pink and green large canvas tub filled with stuffed animals. And then Sosie’s bed! A sweet friend of Jason’s aunt let us borrow this bed, and we were so excited that it was very similar to our existing crib that our first three slept in. (Thanks Lori and Ron!!!!)

Lyla’s bed – like I said – very very similar to Sosie’s! This is the one that we’ve had for eight years now! (and what’s that random white spot??!!)

I did make the bumper pad and crib skirt for both cribs. Purple is NOT an easy color to match. Like there are apparently 568 shades of purple, and none of them match. I didn’t want pastel lavender-ish baby colors. I looked and looked for something I liked, but prices on a simple crib skirt have SKY-ROCKETED since I bought for Katie Beth. And when you’re buying for TWO babies, spending $60 on 2 simple bumper pads was insane to me – especially colors I don’t even like! So I again scoured the internet. I found a pretty good plan for a crib skirt here – I only put in one pleat on each side though, and I just measured our cribs and made the measurements according to our sizes. And this site had a good starter for a bumper pad – I wanted a little variation of pattern so I made a three-strip bumper pad. Also, I didn’t use the measurements given because again I had to measure ours and make them custom to our cribs. I also put my ribbons in different places according to how the rails on my cribs were.  All in all I spent $70 on all four items – the bumper pads were going to be $60 alone, and I got to have something I really liked! AND I got the sheets on clearance!! If you’re sitting there thinking that you can’t sew your own, you CAN! Every single bit of the sewing was just straight lines! The cutting is the harder part, but you just have to take it slowly. YOU CAN DO IT!

I made letters for each of the girls. I used the big cardboard letters from Joanns (got them half off!), glued on strips of scrapbook paper with Mod Podge, and then lined the edges with ribbon glued on with hot glue. They all have the words “daughter” on them, and the long white strip with writing says “I love you” over and over… it was a sweet time to sit and make those for all three of my girls while just sitting and praying for them.

And Katie Beth’s bed/area. So get this, Jason BUILT THIS BED!! We found this site by Ana White at the PERFECT TIME! She basically goes and looks at places like Restoration Hardware, Ikea, and Pottery Barn, looks at their furniture, and figures out how to build them for a fraction of the cost. She gives you all the plans on her blog. I will say to make sure you read the comments by people that have built the projects to see if there were mistakes they noticed. So now I have a long to-do list for Jason. Luckily he LOVES messing with all those tools and stuff in the garage! So here’s the plan he used, and he built it for about $170! Another tip, call around for wood prices before you buy because prices were VASTLY different. When the twins get old enough to be in big beds, we’re going to slide the full size bed we already have underneath the loft.

And beside her bed, more storage with a $25 bookshelf from Staples – again with canvas cubbies – hey, they work. This will probably be more of the twins’ storage. I have one cube with hats and swimsuits, and that’s about all for now. I’m sure there will be plenty more things to add. And this is about as made as her bed ever gets. Okay, we made it for the picture. Organization is not her strong suit, but I’ll take her precious heart any day!

Her favorite area is her hangout area under her bed. She wanted two beanbags for her baby sisters (we found for $10!), and she can’t wait until they can hang out with her. We made her bulletin board for about $7.

And more organization with HER stuff like crafts, big doll stuff, books, CDs, etc. (Oh yeah, more canvas cubbies! Good thing we’ve been collecting these over the years!!!) And we got her lamp on clearance at Target and trimmed it ourselves with trim from Joanns – with a coupon of course!

And one more storage area. I stole this from my Aunt Nancy – it’s just a shoe organizer hanging on the back of her door which is great for her! I know the baby girls will fill it up with even more soon! The mirror was one that came with our dresser that we had replaced years ago. So we spray-painted it and Jason hung it!

We did a few things to the boys’ room too, and I’ll try to update a picture of that soon! Hope you enjoyed the girlie tour!

6 thoughts on “Girls’ Room Pictures

  1. So impressed by you and Jason! It looks great!!! I might steal your idea for the letters…so cute :) I have been wanting to put Morgan’s name on her wall and we are getting ready to move her to a big bed. Fun!

  2. Sarah, the room looks great!! I’m quite impressed with everything you were able to fit in there. I do have 1 suggestion for you….on the shoe organizer thing. We have one in both of the girls’ rooms for their AG clothes however when we put the hooks over the door it had a hard time closing and the thing would fall off sometimes. you can find these screws with a bolt like head on them that you can use to screw it into the door. yes it puts holes in the door BUT for us it works soooo much better!

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